Sitemap - 2020 - AffirmationChickens

Merry Chickmas!

For Your Eggcellency's Eyes Only

Gimme Guineas

The Final Cluckdown

So Doggone Full

If this doesn't mooooove you...

Very Super-Chick-Ous

If this week ruffled your feathers...

For the anxious bird

All poultry is perfect poultry

Your morning affirmooootion

Squawk on little bird

Gobble up the space you need

Today's To-Do: Squish

Forget Early Birds, Do Life On Your Time

Sure, 2020 is a giant compost pile...

Be Your Own Rare Bird

Good morning turkeys!

To those tending a tiny flock

Body by mealworms

Peck Your Battles

Good eggs > golden ones

Have you been procrastin-egging?

Your positive poultry message

We're all talon-ted, y'all!

Don't discount the value of your own floofiness

Peep Something Beautiful Today

We think being a chicken is a compliment.

Hey you turkeys!

Flock together, even when you're apart

To the chicks feeling totally grumpy about everything.

Don't worry about seeming cocky. Self love is important!

Quick Fluff-Date!! (Sorry for two emails in one day!)

Being Picture Perfect Is For The Birds!

Go Ahead And Loaf Around

Hunt and peck for the good stuff

Birds Of A Feather, Let's Forgive Ourselves Together

It's okay to take a break if you need it, little chicken.

To all the mama and papa chickens tending their flocks

Paltry talents? More like poultry talents!

Hey Little Chicken, Just Do Your Best

Hello, Beautiful!

For The Chicken In A Tough Spot

Go Forth And Be Egg-Stra Today!!!

Hey You Love Birds!

It's Friday And You're Doing Cluckin' Awesome

Happy End Of January!

Mama Chicken Knows What You Need This Friday

Daddy Warclucks Has A Friday Message For You

It's Friday, here's your positive poultry message!