Hey Little Chicken, Just Do Your Best

Too Many Eggs!

The world is *a lot* right now. You're not alone and you're not expected to fix it all. Just focus on covering what matters most in your life. The eggs you push out of the nest? They'll be delicious in French toast.
Here's What's Happening at Good Spirits Farm

  • We're doing our best to prepare for self-isolation. We have several weeks of extra animal feed stocked up in case we can't go out. There are just so many critters depending on our care!

  • Chris made a bunch of bluebird boxes this winter and those have been distributed all over the farm. We love seeing them flit about on warm spring nights.

  • We're preparing for our beehives to split as the weather gets warm. We set up two extra hives, in hopes they'll move right into them. Of course, we'll probably have to chase the swarms down from some really hard-to-reach spot because nature is gonna nature.

  • Finally: We're trying to find the folks in this photo, found in our field after last week's tornados. Can you help spread the word?