Good morning turkeys!

The world is more beautiful with you in it. Thanks for being here, and please stick around. We need you.
—All the good birbs at Good Spirits Farm

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • The garden is slowing down (whew!) and we’re now into fall veggie mode. The broccoli and cabbage seedlings are coming along, and the turnips, lettuce, and beets are sprouting in neat rows (thanks to my Dad, who has been busy!!).

  • After waiting so long to plant my squash to avoid squash bugs, our butternut got hit with another disease, called bacterial wilt. Very on brand for 2020.

  • The cow gals skipped out of their electric fence this week and got loose in our much bigger pasture. An hour of chasing them around was a perfect mix of frustration (that was supposed to be my exercise time, and I guess, technically it was) and true delight at seeing two pregnant cows ladies gallivanting in deep grass.

Here’s What I Loved This Week

I can’t choose just one! First: My friend (and talented writer) Latria Graham heard about my saga trying to get Georgia peaches. I’d ordered a huge amount back in May…but then the farm I ordered them from ran out!! Latria was swinging through Tennessee on assignment and made a big ol’ detour (our farm is close to nowhere) to bring me a basket.

I feel like the pandemic has made us all focused on taking care of ourselves and our families, and that random acts of kindness have kind of fallen by the wayside as we concentrate on those bottom blocks on Maslow’s hierarchy. It was so lovely to remember that my world is bigger than just the outer edges of my fenceline.

Second: About two weeks ago, a handful of our sunflowers got knocked down in a thunderstorm. I figured they’d die, but this one bloomed yesterday anyway. What a perfect reminder that down doesn’t always mean out.