Peck Your Battles

Let the battles you’ve lost go. Life is too heavy to carry even one extra ounce of regret. So put down the anger or shame or disappointment you’ve been carrying around, and focus instead on how brave you were to have taken those fights on in the first place. Take it from me, the guinea who quarreled with a snake and lost. Yes, I suffered the humiliation of being swaddled in a towel to get some first aid. Yes, I now mostly hop around the farm on one foot. But I’ve moved on, and you should too.

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

Here’s What I Loved This Week

This is actually something Chris and I have done for about a year, but it seems particularly helpful right now. Every night, each of us has to tell the other person our “three things.” These are three good things that happened during the span of the day. Some days it can be really hard to come up with three, but think about it long enough and you’ll get there, even if one of them is simply having enough food to eat. It’s a nice way to highlight the tiny spots of joy that happen daily, but that our brains often gloss over.