Hello, Beautiful!


True beauty is about who we are, what we do, and the goodness we bring into this world. So, I guess you could say we're supermodels. Let your inner beauty shine today. (And if you want your outer beauty to shine too, here are our best skincare tips: Eat more ticks and take more dirt baths.) --The Guineas
Here's What's Happening at Good Spirits Farm

  • In a true "things only farmers do" moment, I had to cancel my birthday party to deal with our chickens getting mites. It's a common problem for chickens, and there is a good, non-toxic treatment, so we'll get them all fixed up, but the timing of when the treatment would arrive just happened to align with when I was having friends over. Luckily, this is a farming community and people understand that, on our farm, animal welfare comes first!

  • Is it time to put in the spring peas? I don't know but I'm going for it! #YOLO

  • This weekend we're putting up a ton of bluebird boxes we made over the winter. I hope we have some new feathered neighbors moving in soon!