If this doesn't mooooove you...

(seriously, you're gonna have a cow)

We are so thankful you are here in this imperfect world with us. Happy Thanksgiving, you perfect critters.

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • Benni had her baby!!! First thing yesterday morning, she gave birth to a sweet little girl. I caught just the tail end, but Benni was a pro. She didn’t need me! So far, both mama and baby are doing great (and we’re still working on a name!)

  • Benni actually had a rough week pre-birth. On Tuesday, I came out to the pasture to find she had completely sheered the skin off one of her teats. She likely stepped on it while getting up from lying down, poor thing. I consulted with three vets who all had different opinions, so then I called the University of Tennessee. We ultimately decided to try to keep it clean and see what happened when baby came. (Other options were amputation, and chemically “killing” that quarter of her udder, both of which are quite painful.) So far, she is (astoundingly), letting baby nurse off of her poor naked nipple, and we may squeak by with it scabbing over and remaining perfectly useable.

  • We have our garlic planted and we’re slowly getting the summer garden buttoned up for the winter. Friendly reminder: If you want to convert some of your lawn to a garden next year, now is the time to start. Lay down some cardboard over the grass. Then cover that with leaves and compost (and a few heavy objects if it gets windy where you live.) By spring, you’ll have a patch of dirt all ready to go!

Here’s What I Loved This Week

I can’t choose just one. First, I stumbled upon the wonderful work of Anna Cooley while looking for fowl-inspired Christmas cards. I love her images of Gertie the Guinea, and she sent me the nicest note after I ordered. Please try to support independent artists this year as you do your holiday gifting. Next: The good vaccine news reminded me of this OK Go song This Too Shall Pass, which reminded me of their funny, marching band video. It’s very 2020 (minus social distancing), even if it was filmed in 2010. I promise you’ll smile.