Being Picture Perfect Is For The Birds!


Look, everything about right now is hard. Like, getting-a-good-selfie-without-having-hands level of hard. Maybe there's laundry everywhere and a mountain of unfinished work. It's fine. If your day-to-day life right now feels a little fuzzy around the edges, don't sweat it. This selfie is fuzzy around the edges and, honestly, I'm still pretty proud of it. Just like I'm proud of how you're getting through this. - Heebeejeebees
Here's What's Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • We have a hen sitting on eggs!! I was so worried after Mama Chicken passed away that this would be a spring without chicks, but Sonya SotoLayor has stepped up! She's sitting on a whopping 11 eggs and doing a great job for a first-time mama! Keep your fingers crossed for a new herd of fluffballs!

  • It's salad season! Kale, lettuce, and spinach are out in force, and arugula should be joining the greens crew soon. It's nice to finally have something fresh from the garden on our plates again.

  • This weekend will be all about building fences. As much as we love our chickens, they're menaces to the garden. Last week, Chicki Minaj plowed through a six-pack of kale seedlings in 2.3 seconds. There was nothing left but the roots! Before we can put the rest of our garden in, we've got to fence the circling chicken sharks out!

We hope spring has finally made its appearance where you are too and that you and your family are safe and healthy!