To those tending a tiny flock

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed by parenthood right now. It’s okay to feel like all the choices you have to make are less-than-ideal. It’s more than okay to feel like you need a break (you definitely do!). Just love your littles fiercely and unconditionally. That’s all that really matters. — Mama Guinea, who definitely needs a glass of wine, a hot bath, and 15 minutes without someone calling her name.

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • I’m reading up on cow midwifery! Benni is due October 8, which is so soon! I’m getting our birthing kit put together and reading up on what to expect when your cow is expecting.

  • I’ve realized that I need help moving temporary fencing around our pastures. (We practice something called “strip grazing” which is better for our pastures than regular rotational grazing, but it also requires moving portable fences every three days.) Most ranchers use an ATV to cart around supplies, but that’s not really in the budget. However: I realized I do have extra horsepower hanging out on the farm…literally. Moe, the sweet old quarter horse I bought a couple of years ago, needs more exercise. My fall project is going to be teaching him to pull a cart!

  • Look, I bought Benni and Julia sunglasses!! Actually, they’re see-through masks that keep flies out of their eyes. Since flies can cause pinkeye, I thought this was a worthy investment.

    Here’s What Brought Me Joy This Week

    The art of Jim Sorensen, who draws gorgeous images of birds—and then puts them in utterly ridiculous shoes. It’s so fun! He has a Facebook page, where lots of fans share their own pictures of birds in shoes, and he sells his art on t-shirts and other items here.