For Your Eggcellency's Eyes Only

(That means you)

You’re doing great. Let the extra stuff you’re not getting to go. Let whatever feelings of inadequacy you’re dealing with go. We’re all just hens treading water right now. Drop the dead weight of guilt and swim to safety in the knowledge that just keeping your head up is enough. I’m proud of you for getting this far.
— Ruth Bader Ginsbird

Here’s What’s Happening On Good Spirits Farm

  • I think sheep are coming! (Hah, my husband may be learning about this from the newsletter! Surprise!) A friend has too many sheep for her hay supply and we could use a few weed eaters. So, now I just need to manage the logistics of road tripping to North Carolina to bring them home.

  • It’s seed catalog season! I love that seed companies know the marketing genius of mailing glossy pictures of bountiful gardens out in dark December. I’ll take one of everything, please!

  • I am being reminded of the downsides of a large garden. Every winter, I cover our in-ground garden with a “lasagna” style covering. I use a layer of leaves, then cardboard, then compost to blanket the whole patch. This combo blocks out weeds (which yes, even grow in the winter here), keeps our soil in place, and adds a ton of organic matter. But it’s a lot of work. I have about a third of the garden done so far, and I’m rethinking just how big of a garden we really need!

Here’s What I Loved This Week

I have two things. There’s just so much good stuff in the world!

First: Watching my health care worker friends getting vaccinated against Covid-19 has been the greatest gift of 2020. What an amazing feeling to know help is on the way.

Second: This totally strange but also mesmerizing Blob Opera project from Google. I love that humans are wired to create things just for fun. What a gift. Make sure you toggle over and listen to the Christmas tunes!