Don't discount the value of your own floofiness


Never forget that your worth in this world isn't determined by the work you do or the money you have but by the joy and love and light you bring to others. I mean: Who would you rather snuggle: Us or Jeff Bezos?
Here's What's Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • We're in a bit of a crunch time trying to get our farm ready for cows. One thing about living way out in the country is it can be hard to get help. We need several water lines put in, a well fixed, and some fencing built all by July 5, but we can't seem to get the folks who have the tools to do this work out here. We're definitely a little stressed right now.

  • The baby turkeys are turning into awkward teenagers! Yesterday, one fanned out his tiny tail at me, so we definitely at least have one tom. They're also moving from making tiny chirps to beginning to gobble. So cute!!

  • After waiting more than a YEAR, the guy who spreads crushed limestone on the fields finally arrived...only to promptly get his truck stuck. We got him out, and hopefully, he'll be able to finish the job soon, but man, sometimes it feels like running this place is an extreme exercise in patience!