It's Friday And You're Doing Cluckin' Awesome

salad bar

You are talented and capable of going after exactly what you want in life. If that means climbing into the salad bar, well, climb on in. You deserve to go for and have the best! - SusHen B. Anthony

Here's What's Happening at Good Spirits Farm

  • Rain, rain, and more rain. The basement is flooded, our fields are soaked, everyone is damp. We now know where the expression "madder than a wet hen" comes from. We were supposed to broadcast grass seed in the pastures this week, but thankfully we waited; it would have all washed away!

  • We're building some new fencing to help keep our hens safe. The balance between letting the girls roam (which they love) and keeping them safe is a constant work in progress.

  • Farm-related(ish): Outside Magazine republished my essay on farming and body image this week (TW: Disordered eating). Thank you to everyone who has reached out to share your experiences about body image. It's been so wonderful to hear from so many of you!