Your morning affirmooootion

You can be over it, you just can’t give up. 2020 has been awful, but you are strong enough to get through what’s left. Keep pushing; better days are ahead.
—Benni Cow who is very over being pregnant

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • I bet you were hoping for a cute baby cow pic! So was I! Unfortunately….we are still waiting. Benni is now eight days overdue. A friend just had her cow give birth 11 days late with no problems, but I’m calling the vet today just to be safe. The longer that calf gestates, the bigger it’s going to get, and the harder the delivery is going to be.

  • Our first frost is set to hit tonight. I’ll spend the afternoon picking any last green tomatoes and peppers, which will ripen on the counter, and tucking our lettuce and other greens in for a night under warm blankets and tarps.

  • As I predicted, Sonia Sotolayor has started molting. I’m so glad I bought her four chicks instead of letting her continue to waste away while trying to hatch wood shavings. The combo of brooding for weeks and weeks plus molting has really been so hard on her—she’s so skinny. I’m not sure she would have survived if I had not gotten her off the nest. While a lot of farming is learning things the hard way, I actually got this one right! (Also: She loves them! I mean, just look at that sweet sleepy birdy family!)

Here’s What I Loved This Week

The joy in this video of Gurdeep Pandher dancing in Canada’s Yukon is like a splash of bright mint mouthwash on your weary soul. Try not to smile as you watch it, I dare you.