For The Chicken In A Tough Spot

chicken on the roof

Even if you've made some not-so-great choices, even if you're not sure what to do next, even if you feel totally stuck, there is always a path to safety. Sometimes that path is simply squawking for help, and that's okay! Squawk if you need us; we're here for you. -- Chicken Little

Here's What's Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • Not all of farm life is joyful. We lost a hive of bees, which is a bummer. RIP little sweet (kinda) bees.

  • Similarly, we had to do minor surgery on a chicken's foot this week. The nearest chicken vet is two hours, so we're learning to do what we can. The patient is recovering nicely, and I'm now an expert on wrapping a chicken foot one-handed while my patient tries to wiggle/flap/peck her way free.

  • We are working on transitioning all of our lawns from grass to clover. We spread the clover seed this week, so now it's all about encouraging it to overtake the grass.