Peep Something Beautiful Today


The world is full of tiny, beautiful things. Don't forget to take the time to look for them, and don't forget that you're a tiny, beautiful thing in this big old world, too.

Here's What's Happening At Good Spirit's Farm

  • Our chicks have hatched!!! The broody hen refused to take them (unless we let her sit on a nest that was in a very vulnerable spot), so back into the incubator they went. Once the last egg hatches and everyone is dry, I'll be moving them into a brooder, where they'll live for the next month or so. Here's one of the first babies exhausted from the effort of pushing out of her shell.

    just hatched!
  • We got our first cutting of hay put up in the barn, which is always a relief. We still have to bring in all the horse hay (which we don't grow on our farm), but at least our cow hay is ready and waiting for the winter!

  • Hopefully this week we'll finally be able to get crushed limestone spread in our pastures. The lime helps correct the acidity of our soils. My goal for next year is to really focus on rehabbing our pastureland by balancing and improving the soil, encouraging diversity in the species growing in our fields, and nourishing all kinds of life--from our grazing ruminants to wild birds and all the way down to the tiny microbes living in the soil. Adding lime is the first of many steps!