Birds Of A Feather, Let's Forgive Ourselves Together


You cannot have self-love without self-forgiveness. Let go of everything you could have done better, the times you could have been better, and that one awful thing you said 13 years ago that you still think about. Me? I've already forgiven myself for tearing up mom's flower beds. Hey, we're all just works in progress. - Chicki Minaj

Here's What's Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • It is with a sad heart that we share that poor Mama Chicken, who was the star of this newsletter many times, was put down last week. She suffered an injury there was just no coming back from and it was the kindest thing. We so miss her sweet, fluffy face. (And yes, I cried a whole bunch.)

  • Our turnips and radish seeds are popping up! The potatoes are planted, and our first asparagus shoots are starting to peak through. Garden 2020 is in full swing!

  • We're thinking about possibly adding ducks or turkeys to our flock this year. In times like these, thinking about future projects (especially ones involving baby animals) feels particularly cathartic.