Go Ahead And Loaf Around

Two Loafs Loafing

Haven't learned Latin, written your best-seller, or gotten six-pack abs during quarantine? Yeah, us either. But honestly: The expectation of productivity amidst a giant global pandemic is so silly it isn't even fair to say it's "for the birds." Trauma is exhausting. Take a seat. Be a chicken loaf for a bit. Save your extra mental energy to be kind to yourself and others. That's all that matters right now. - Ruth Bader Ginsbird

Here's What's Happening At Good Spirits Farm
- Technically it's time to put our seedlings in the ground, but spring has been slow to arrive. It feels like we'll never get the garden going. Our greenhouse is full of tomato, pepper, and bean plants, but these chilly nights just keep coming!
- We're stocking our small pond with a few bass and bluegill. Maybe this summer we'll actually have time to do some fishing.
- We're breaking ground on several new lines of fencing so we can practice intense rotational grazing with the new cows. Moving grazing animals daily requires a lot of fencing and effort, but it's the best way to build healthy pasturelands.

For folks interested in putting in a garden this year, I wrote a guide to home food production for Popular Mechanics. (You do have to trade your email to read the guide, but it is free, I believe.) I'm always happy to answer gardening questions, so please feel free to be in touch!