To all the mama and papa chickens tending their flocks

tired mama

Protecting your babies 24/7 is such hard work. Thank you for taking care of our next generation, even if it's meant giving up sleep, all your personal time, and whatever shard of sanity you had left. I see all the work you're putting in to keep your tiny puff balls safe, and you're doing a damn good job. Don't doubt yourself, you got this. - Mama Chicken
Here's What's Happening on Good Spirits Farm - Our tree planting last week turned into a tree marathon. We ended up with 37 native trees! We've finally got them all in the ground, thanks to Chris' heroic efforts.
- This weekend we'll get our asparagus and strawberries going. Asparagus takes a few years to really produce, but then it can produce for 20 years. Hopefully, we'll get some sweet strawberries this summer (if the chickens don't get them first!)
- Even after years of gardening, I still make mistakes. I baked my bok choy seedlings in our greenhouse on the first warm day of the year! Oops! Now I've gotta start over!

Finally, one last chicken message, from the wise Ruth Bader Ginsbird:

Stay Home

You did what even though they told you to stay home? Don't be a birdbrain! Stay home! Stay home! Stay home!