Today's To-Do: Squish

The only real item that matters on today’s to-do list is being someone’s warm, soft, squish place. You are a comfort to the people and animals you love. —Sonia Sotolayor and her babies

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • We got our USDA soil conservation funding approved, so we’re off and running with fencing off waterways from our stock. It’s definitely more work than letting our animals drink from the streams and pond, but it’s nice to know we’re treading as lightly as possible on our land.

  • I’ve been working on learning to identify more types of grasses, and it’s interesting to watch them change through the seasons. If there’s one good thing about farming it’s that it gets you really, really paying attention to nature.

  • The teenage turkeys are as funny as ever (and just as rebellious!) Recently, they’ve taken to standing at the top of their turkey house, but when it gets slick in the rain, they slide down the sides of their house like penguins going down an ice flow. I promise I’ll try and get this on video!

Here’s What’s I Loved This Week

Truthfully, I love this every week, but the weather feels appropriate for sharing it, now. One of the staples we always have in our house is homemade granola. And sure, some health experts say granola is just a vehicle for sugar and fat, to which I say, back that UPS truck of delicious calories right on into my mouthparts. Farm work is hard work and granola keeps me going for hours.

This, originally published in Real Simple, is my favorite recipe. The richness of the olive oil and the floral notes from the honey are *chef’s kiss*. You can cut the amount of brown sugar in half, if you wish, and it’s still sweet enough. I often play with the mix of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit in it, too.