To the chicks feeling totally grumpy about everything.


It's okay to be unimpressed by this version of the world we're living in. Honestly, have you seen the news? Just don't lose your ability to be impressed by what really matters: Your own capacity for love and kindness.

Here's What's Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • We made it through the freeze with minimal losses! A few tomato plants are frost burned and we lost two eggplants, but everything else more or less made it through. What a relief!

  • This weekend we'll finish the mobile chicken pens (called chicken tractors) that these chicks and our turkeys will live in. Like all YouTube projects that promise they can be done in a weekend...we're starting on weekend number three and they're still only halfway built. Is it possible everyone else's weekends are longer than ours?

  • On Mother's Day, of all days, the hen we had sitting on eggs decided she was done and hopped off. The eggs are now in our incubator, and it seems unlikely that we'll have much of a hatch, but I couldn't not try to save them!