Have you been procrastin-egging?

That thing you have been putting off because you're not sure you can do it? You got this. Your body is built to handle the stress and hard parts of your life, and you are so much tougher than you think. If I can lay an egg every damn day, you can do that thing that's stressing you out. - Gloria SteinHen

Here's What's Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • Quick housekeeping note: I'll be moving this newsletter over to a different platform next week. It will stay exactly the same, I promise! But, the new platform will hopefully have more capabilities/flexibility (like video!)

  • We have had such a productive (read: exhausting) week on the farm. Last Friday we processed our meat birds. That's always hard, both because I find processing emotionally difficult and physically, because we pluck by hand. But we now have a freezer full of meat that lived good lives before having one bad day.

  • Yesterday was honey day! Removing the honey from the combs takes putting it in a centrifuge and the job is every bit as sticky as you're imagining. Because I grew a lot of buckwheat this year, our honey has this luscious dark color and nutty flavor. I can't wait to drizzle it on yogurt!

  • Tomorrow we bring home our two cows! Finally! The pasture is fenced, the water lines are in, now we just need the critters! Send your best vibes that my 19-year-old truck makes the 8-hour trek safely!! (and yes, I'll be repeating Gloria's encouraging words as I chug down the highway. Driving a trailer scares me, but I've just gotta do it!)