We think being a chicken is a compliment.

You are so much braver than you think you are. Anytime I forget to be brave, I lean on the strength of my ancestors. You know, the dinosaurs. We come from tough stock; we can do this. - Ruth Bader Ginsbird

Here's What's Happening On Good Spirits Farm

  • Honestly, it's been such a strange week to live on a farm. Normally, I'd be in the thick of the protests. I grew up across the river from DC, I love a good protest and believe so strongly in supporting Black Lives Matter. But my animals here need me. You can't just walk away from a farm. So I'm here, just watching, speaking out in any way I can, sending money to bail relief groups, and hoping that's enough.

  • The first few strawberries have ripened. Oh, they are a treat. Sweet and tart and somehow tasting just a bit like the afternoon sunlight they've been basking in, if that's a flavor? It also just feels nice to allow myself to feel joy over something tiny in a time like this.

  • We're a week away from hatching another batch of egg laying chicks! They're in the incubator, but I just had a hen decide she wants to brood some eggs. (Right now, if I take the eggs and move her out of the nest box, she comes running back to sit on an empty nest. Poor thing!) I'm contemplating sliding these about-to-hatch babies underneath her. If she takes them on, it will give her what she wants and save me the work of raising the babies!

Take care y'all. Use your voice to speak up. Be brave like Ruthie.