It's Friday, here's your positive poultry message!

Psssst: The world seemed so hard and uncertain this week, but somehow you held it together and I am so proud of you. ~ Heebeejeebees

Here's What's Happening At Good Spirits Farm:

  • We're embarking on an erosion control project with the USDA Soil Conservation Agency which will fence off our ponds and streams from livestock.

  • We're building new garden beds using no-till methods. It's labor-intensive, but keeps soil intact. This method both reduces soil loss (a huge issue in American agriculture) and keeps the carbon that's sequestered in soil from being released.

  • It's tree and berry bush planting season! Raspberry canes, currant bushes, and a few new fruit trees are joining our farm. These plants will feed birds, pollinators, and us! We love the optimism of planting trees: Someone someday will enjoy the literal fruits of our labor. God willing, it will be us!

Happy Weekending From The Chickens of Good Spirits Farm!