Very Super-Chick-Ous

It's Friday The 13th!

We cannot control the chaos the world throws our way. But we can be good to ourselves. Take a nap, eat a snack, marvel at your own tailfeathers. You deserve all the self-love in this world. —Elisabeth Cady Stant-Hen

Here’s What’s Happening On Good Spirits Farm

  • Winter grazing strategies are in full effect. Grass doesn’t grow nearly as quickly this time of year, so management becomes really important. I use portable electric fencing to move the cows to a new strip of grass every two days. The horses come behind them and clean up what the cows leave behind, but I never let the grass get chomped below about, say, four inches. Then that patch rests for at least 60 days. The hope is that leaving a large portion of grass behind and giving it a good long rest will help build a deep root structure while ensuring the grass rebounds quickly—even in winter.

  • The turkeys have moved into the freezer. It’s always hard on processing day, and if it ever becomes not hard, I will imagine that’s my cue to leave farming. But this time was especially difficult because I got very attached to those funny, naughty birds. I will definitely feel a deep sense of gratitude on Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for all the laughs they gave me, the bugs they ate, and the poop they added to our fields. I hope if you’re having turkey—or any kind of meat, really—you’ll feel grateful, too.

  • We’ve hit peak fall color here. Sometimes I just have to stop what I’m doing and look up at the trees, which are all blaze orange. How lucky am I to be surrounded by so much beauty?

    Here’s What I Loved This Week

    Hearing from friends! A sweet card and a fun little paper pumpkin showed up in my mailbox from my dear friend Jen Miller (who you may know from her running column and newsletter in The New York Times) and totally lifted my mood. I plan to pass that joy along to another friend this week!