If this week ruffled your feathers...

A single event does not define you—or any of us. What matters is that we show up day after day ready to fight for what is right. I know you have the strength to keep going. Let’s keep pecking towards progress.
—Ruth Bader Ginsbird

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • The first freeze was more vicious than I was expecting. I didn’t cover the Swiss chard or some of the brassicas because I thought “they can survive 30 degrees.” Then it ended up going down to 26 and now they look pretty sad. I’ve already learned the lesson that being lazy on a farm only leads to bad outcomes and yet I seem to be determined to relearn that lesson over and over again!

  • Benni Baby Watch enters year 3. I keep wondering if maybe I just bought a very fat cow?

  • Remember the baby chicks I slipped under Sonia Soto-Layor? They’re officially off on their own! I can’t believe it; they grew up so fast!

  • We got our first eggs from the hens I hatched out of the incubator this spring. Good thing too, the rest of my flock is molting and eggs are rather scarce right now. Look how cute they are! (On the left is a first-timer’s egg. On the right is a regular egg.) Old-timers swear these tiny eggs are the most flavorful…I’m not sure that’s actually true, but they sure are adorable!

Here’s What I Loved This Week

This video of ballot boxes dancing to Missy Elliot in Philly. When everything feels so dire, putting on a giant inanimate object costume and shaking it in the streets just seems like an appropriate response.