Your silly side is our favorite side. Let your inner quirkiness shine! Bad jokes, dad jokes, puns about farm animals? Go on and horse around. - Mr. Gin…
Gobble up some positive vibes this morning, y'all.
Today may seem hard, but there are so many reasons to feel hopeful about the future. One small good act at a time, we can make this place a little bett…
We are so glad you're here!
(Maybe a slice of tomato pie?)
(any kind of nest at all)
There's more to life than worms.
For this very important canine message
*peep peep peep peep*
(I mean, what boss doesn't want a chicken?)
I’m just a girl, standing on the side of a junk trailer, asking you to be kind to yourself today. — Dolly PartHen            
You are cherished by your friends. Just being with you—even if you go nowhere because none of you can figure out how to, you know, actually get the car…