No long faces, it's Friday!

Your silly side is our favorite side. Let your inner quirkiness shine! Bad jokes, dad jokes, puns about farm animals? Go on and horse around. - Mr. Gin Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm Chris will be back today from working on the fires out west. THANK GOODNESS! Running this place without him is just a lot. I had to move our cows and sheep from the far pasture to the pasture near our house, and I realized the moment I set the flerd loose that, if they decided not to follow me, I would be kind of up a creek, without another person to push them from behind! Luckily, my cows and sheep will follow the shake of a grain bucket just about anywhere. I got them across the farm with no one going rogue. It’s nice to know I can run this place alone, but I will be so glad to have my partner back.

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