When It's Take Your Lambie To Work Day

The work you do matters. Even if your work is unpaid—like raising a porch lambie—your time, skills, and effort are valuable, and the world is better for your contributions. — Juliet

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • We’re still in the thick of spring planting. This weekend, the tomato and pepper seedlings will go in. I’ve got to get the rest of the potatoes in, too. If I have time (hah!) I’ll do another row or two of turnips and some parsnips.

  • Our cattle working setup is being delivered today. Cows are so big and powerful that our local vets will make farm calls if you do not have proper retraining equipment. Benni and Julia are halter trained, but I completely understand why vets don’t trust you when you say “oh, but these are gentle cows.” Any animal can be dangerous when it feels threatened. After a LOT of back and forth, we decided to spring for the more expensive squeeze chute, versus a simple head-catching device. A squeeze chute basically gives the cow’s body a hug when they’re in it. It’s based on Temple Grandin’s research on the most humane ways to handle cattle (and is the cow equivalent of a weighted blanket or Thunder Shirt). The chute was a huge expense, but knowing we—and our lovely cow girls—will feel safe, justifies it.

  • We don’t yet have answers from the vet on Juliet’s legs. I keep calling to ask if the results are back, I honestly think they’re pretty sick of calls from this weird lady who thinks her lamb is a child! In the meantime, I’ve been researching companies that do orthopedic braces for pets. There’s one in Knoxville and they’re willing to try making braces for a lamb! I’m so hopeful that we can find a solution that gives her a comfortable, long, happy life.

Here’s What I Loved This Week

This meme which I immediately sent to my therapist. I love the idea of unicorns driving the therapy bus. Since unicorns don’t exist, I’ll have to drive the bus: If you are lucky enough to have access to therapy, consider going. Even if you think you don’t need it (because you do need it)! Talking to a stranger about the hard parts of your life and having them help you process past traumas and identify problematic patterns is so useful. I think there’d be a lot less hurt and volatility in this world if everyone got a handful of free therapy sessions every year.