These Chickens Didn't Cross The Road

You are cherished by your friends. Just being with you—even if you go nowhere because none of you can figure out how to, you know, actually get the cart rolling—brings your friends joy. (P.S.: Call your friends you have not seen in a while, they miss you!)

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • It’s hay season! We don’t grow hay on the farm, so we have to bring in several hundred bales to feed our horses and other critters over the winter. Today, I have to move 50 bales leftover from last year into our hayloft to make room for 100 new bales coming this week. Technically, bale elevators, which lift bales up for you, exist, we don’t have one. So: I’m taking these 55-pound puppies up the stairs one at a time!

  • Juliet’s feet are coming along so nicely! We have been trying our best to beat back the hoof scald that formed inside her little special shoes and I think we’re making progress. She’s been bouncing around again like a normal, healthy lamb these past few days. I’m so happy to see her bucking and prancing again!

  • Our mobile shade unit arrived! A friend who is a welder made this for me, and I am really excited to see how it works. The design basically came from my imagination, so it’s possible I’ve missed something big and it will need some retooling once it’s out in the field. But, I am hopeful my cows are going to love it—and it arrived not a moment too soon, it’s getting really hot out there. One detail I’m really excited about is the special sckritchy scratchy pads we mounted around the unit for my girls. I know Benni and Julia are going to lose their MINDS when they realize they can itch themselves to their hearts’ content! Pictures coming soon!

    Here’s What I Loved This Week
    Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday due, in large part, to the efforts of Ms. Opal Lee. What an inspiration her story is.