The jokes are about to get baaaaa-d

We love you precisely because you’re different. Don’t ever feel sheepish for standing out. - Mr. Ram (who needs a name)

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • Our new friends arrived! We bought five sheep and a jersey steer (that’s a neutered male cow) from a friend in North Carolina. Poor Stevie (the steer) not only had to move to a new farm, but he also had to go through weaning at the same time. He cried and cried for the first three days, which broke our hearts. Luckily, he loves his little sheep friends and they have been very sweetly keeping him company. After everyone goes through a 10-day quarantine, they can join Benni, Julia, Gimlet, and Pete and be one big, multi-species flerd (that’s a flock and a herd).

  • I’ve been stressing over the 24 fertile American Bresse eggs I bought. These eggs were EXPENSIVE, so I really want them to hatch. My old incubator only holds 20 eggs, and I was just going to incubate what would fit. But then that incubator was struggling to hold a high enough temp and humidity, and I worried about my hatch rate. So, I rushed out and bought another small incubator to give those last four eggs a chance, too. Cost-effective? Absolutely not. But I really didn’t want to have a year without any chicks at all!

Here’s What I Loved This Week

On a search for something extremely wholesome to watch, we started the Netflix series “Anne With An E.” I’d loved the “Anne of Green Gables” books as a kid, and who doesn’t need more beautiful shots of Prince Edward Island in their lives? It’s been a lovely, low-stress watch.