Sunny Sides Up, Flock!

You don’t just have a good side; you’re all-around wonderful.

- Ruth Bader Ginsbird

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • The! Sheep! Have! Not! Escaped! Once! This! Week!!!!! I cannot even tell you what a relief this is. I was laying awake all night thinking about the sheep getting into the road or treating one of Chris’ flower patches as an all-you-can-munch buffet. But the new fence zapper, which uses a car battery powered by a big ass solar panel and throws 10,000 volts, is doing its job!

  • Today (as you’re reading this, probably!) I’m taking Juliet down to the University of Tennessee’s vet school for an evaluation. I’m 90 percent sure the vets are going to tell me to just continue bracing her legs each morning and hope the tendons straighten on their own, but that 10 percent chance of there being a better way to help her is a chance I have to take. (All you Juliet fans may have seen her go viral this week on Twitter when she….was a bit naughty. We, or at least I, still love her!)

  • It’s garlic harvest time! Chris plants the garlic in November, which is ideal because everything else is pretty much done for the season and we have plenty of space in the garden. All winter long, the garlic chugs away, the green tips often peaking out from underneath deep frost. In spring, the plants shoot up, and by the end of May, we have hundreds of bulbs curing in our basement. Garlic is cheap to buy at the store, but homegrown garlic just has this snap when you slice into it and a lovely mellow flavor. We think it’s worth the work!

Here’s What I Loved This Week

This New Yorker cartoon by Emily Flake, which feels a little too real.