Some Snood For Thought

Gobble up some positive vibes this morning, y'all.

You are bigger than any label others may stick on you. We all contain multitudes. May you continue to grow and change, breaking out of anyone’s ideas, including your own, on the narrow part you’ve been cast into. — Tom Turkey, who is more than just “a real turkey.”

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • For those worried about the poor turkey who was getting picked on, he’s doing much better! He’s mostly healed and back out with the gang. I’ve given them more room to roam, and everyone seems to be playing nice.

  • We had an incredible fruit year this year. Last year, a late frost took out our apples and pears, and then a blight got our grapes. This year, all three have come on strong. I’ve been canning and dehydrating apples and pears, trying to preserve it all. This weekend’s chore is canning grape juice. Come January, I’ll be so glad I put in all this effort.

  • I’m trying to get the garden we mainly plant summer crops in — corn and such--ready for its fall cover crop. Since we try not to till the land, I’m hand pulling all the weeds that took over when I wasn’t watching. Before the next big rainstorm, I’ll broadcast winter peas, daikon radish seeds, crimson clover, and winter wheat seeds over the earth. Our goal is to use these plants to hold the soil in place over winter, all while creating organic matter we can compost into the soil next spring.

    Here’s What I Loved This Week

  • This poem by Daye Phillippo, which stars chickens, from the September issue of Poetry Magazine.