Sing it, Dolly!

I’m just a girl, standing on the side of a junk trailer, asking you to be kind to yourself today. — Dolly PartHen

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • Fourth of July weekend is always kind of a white-knuckle time here. When a dog gets spooked by fireworks you can put them in a thunder shirt and let them hide behind the toilet. When a horse or cow gets spooked by fireworks, you just pray they don’t decide to run through your fences. We’ll spend the night on the farm, keeping an eye on all the critters. I beg you, please think of nearby farm animals before lighting off rounds and rounds of fireworks.

  • Juliet went back to the University of Tennessee this week to have her shoes taken off. She looks SO great without them. I really can’t believe how much progress she’s made! Taking her to UT was worth every penny, and I am so glad I didn’t give up and just accept that she’d need braces for the rest of her life. We are going to do one more round of shoes, which will stay on another month. After that, she should be ready to live out her best life in the pasture with the other sheep. (Here she is below with her shoes off! Doesn’t she look great??)

  • This week was honey processing week, which is a very sticky but very rewarding job. So far, it’s been a great year for honey; our hives are really thriving. What’s pouring out of the comb is a lovely dark amber, thanks to all the clover, buckwheat, and flowering trees we have around. We should have honey for sale shortly!

Here’s What I Loved This Week

This NY Times recipe for roasted chicken with shallots. We’re trying to use up the last of last year’s meat chicken crop, since we’ll be processing this year’s batch shortly. This recipe is deceptively simple - just three ingredients - but really lovely (especially when made with a pasture-raised farm chicken!)