Pick Your Own Flight Path

You get to choose the route your life takes. Don’t let anyone dictate your destination or how to get there. Your time and journey belong to you. [Now, could someone point this thing towards the mealworm store?]
— Heebeejeebees

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • I have found a work-around on my chick shipping problem. Yesterday we received a box full of fertile hatching eggs! They’ll go in the incubator this weekend and we’ll have chicks in about 21 days. I chose a little-known breed called the American Bresse. This is a breed imported from France, but like Champagne, you can’t call these birds “French Bresse” unless they grew up in France. Rumor has it that they’re the most delicious meat birds and they lay eggs well, too. Even better, unlike the most common meat bird breeds, these won’t get so freakishly big that they can’t stand up and walk around well. We did a batch of those meaty monsters last year, and while they were very economical, they….were just kind of sad. I’m hopeful that this is a more ethical option.

  • We are officially on bee swarm watch. The hives have been really active and we’ve put out an empty hive box to see if we can convince our bees to swarm to that versus their normal choice: 30 feet up an old oak tree. Chris, who works on a federal disaster management team, may get called to help out with mass vaccination sites, so I may have to catch the swarm alone this spring. Here’s hoping they go straight to the nice home we’ve provided!

  • The first seeds of spring are in the ground! Last weekend I planted a patch of chamomile. I love the smell of the blossoms, and it’s one of those rare plants which benefits from the repeated freezes and thaws of early spring. This weekend, I’ll start the sweet potatoes indoors and maybe the spring peas too. A sure sign that better days are ahead.

Here’s What I Loved This Week

  • Modern science. I was able to get a vaccine dose from the local pharmacy’s waste aversion program yesterday. I am so, so grateful for everyone who worked on making these vaccines, and for several of my friends who were brave enough to roll up their sleeves in the clinical trials. THANK YOU.