For those tending a nest

(any kind of nest at all)

Caretaking is overwhelming. We see you doing your best. It’s enough. You are enough. Thank you for all you do. — SuperMama Hen

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • We are trying a new tactic to convince Juliet that she is a sheep and not a people: Her very own comfort lambie. If you’re new to this newsletter, Juliet had a rough start to life. She was rejected by her mom and needed custom orthotics to correct a leg issue. She’s doing great and ready to go out with the herd but, since she’s been a house lamb for a few months, she’s terrified of the other sheep. So: We weaned her brother and brought him into the barn to be her buddy. We’ll let them bond for a week or so, then try introducing them to the rest of the group again.

    (Juliet is on the left, Puck is on the right.)

  • The turkeys are growing so fast! And that’s a good thing because they’re incredibly stinky and I’m ready for them to move out of our house and onto pasture. If the weather looks good this weekend, I’m kicking them out!

  • It’s Garden-Palloza over here. I’ve been so busy I’ve had a lot less time for weeding and pruning, but my neglected tomatoes and cucumbers are faithfully producing anyway. All guests must take home a cucumber, those are the rules.

  • Don’t forget that it’s time to get that fall garden going! We have broccoli, cabbage, kale, and collard sprouts growing under lights right now, and I think I’ll start a fall batch of peas this weekend. Maybe I’ll throw in some fall beets, radishes, and turnips while I’m at it?

Here’s What I Loved This Week

This lovely cartoon featuring “The Chicken of Grace” and other encouraging animals. How lucky are we to have the company of critters to brighten our days on Earth?