Flip The Bird

Permission granted.

You deserve to say no when you need to. Sign out of the social media sites you hate, step away from the relationships that drain you, and push back on the work asks that never seem to end. You are worthy of personal time, mental space, and firm boundaries.
—Heebeejeebees who says hell no to laying any more eggs until spring.

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • Chris is on bird box duty. He’s built five new nesting boxes for Eastern bluebirds and has formed a “bluebird trail” around our property. Now we’re moving on to building boxes for tree swallows, which can eat 8,000 flies a day.

  • Gimlet has finally decided I am not actually a monster! I can finally give her ear scritches and her little baby fur is just as soft as you’d expect.

  • We’re doing a survey to get a feel for what folks want most from the farm (and, really, how to organize our time). If you think you might be interested in ordering mailable stuff from us (or if you’re a neighbor), we’d love to hear what you want!

  • Still waiting on Julia’s pregnancy. I think she probably has another week or so to go, but we’re getting close! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Here’s What I Loved This Week

Ben Folds (80s babies know who this is) came out with a song for 2020. I missed it when it came out, and, of course, now it’s 2021, but it holds up.