Early, late, right on time: we love all birds.

There's more to life than worms.

Whatever timetable you’re on, whatever pace you’re going, so long as you’re moving forward you are doing great. We all get to do life on our own time, and you deserve to take all the time you need. — Tiny Chick

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

I’m going to break from the normal farm updates to tell y’all the story of Tiny Chick. Tiny was one of the 13 surprise babies born to my extremely sneaky Mama Hen. When I first saw Tiny, I noticed something was off. Mama hens hatch chicks over several days. On about the third day, the chicks who hatched first are hungry and ready to go foraging, but that means the chicks who just broke out of their shells have to hustle along, even if they’re still figuring out which way is up. I figured Tiny was a late hatcher and she’d catch up soon.

But day two came and Tiny was still constantly being left behind. I kept trying to repatriate her, but the flock would march on, leaving her behind again. On closer inspection, I noticed she was having trouble with getting her legs to do what she wanted them to do. It wasn’t that she was born last out of this bunch, but she was born with a body that wasn’t cooperating. She was simply going to be less mobile for quite some time, and Mama Hen had 12 other chicks to watch and couldn’t wait for her.

So: I scooped Tiny up and put her in a box with a heating pad and some soft pine shavings. Chickens are so social that I hate to isolate one, but she was not going to survive the hawks and foxes and snakes if she kept getting left out all alone. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if she was going to survive at all—she just was really struggling to walk. But it seemed like putting her somewhere safe would give her a shot.

Two days later, a batch of chicks I’d ordered—before Mama Hen revealed she had hatched a baker’s dozen—arrived. These chicks, since they don’t have a mama, live in a playpen in our house. They’re totally safe from the threats of nature and in a playpen, there’s no way a chicky can be left behind. In went Tiny with this new group of peers, and: lo and behold, she’s teaching herself how to get around. Sometimes you just need a bit of extra time and a safe space to get your legs underneath you. I’m hopeful Tiny will keep toddling along, getting stronger by the day.

Here’s What I Loved This Week

So many of you reached out with condolences for the loss of our pup last week. I appreciated hearing from all of you. Thank you for caring and sending your love.

The other thing I loved this week was the one thing that can always make me laugh, even when I’m feeling so sad: Ms. Juliet’s inability to sneeze without also farting, and to look completely surprised by the whole ordeal every time it happens. I really don’t know why more people don’t have pet sheep! They’re a riot—and they mow your lawn!