Bloom, you beautiful thing

Mom says weeds are plants that show up in the wrong spot, but I don’t get it: How can these buttercups not be in the right spot? Look how gorgeous they are! If you’re seeking the light and just trying to grow as best you can, you’re in the right spot. You belong—and you bring beauty to this place.
— Heebeejeebees

Here’s What’s Happening At Good Spirits Farm

  • It’s been a WEEK for the sheep. Our lambs (Juliet excluded, as she is an angel) figured out how to outsmart the electrified sheep net fencing. The bottom strand of the net isn’t actually electrified—as it would “ground out” the fence. The babies figured out they could stick their snoots under the net and scooch under without getting zapped. Argh! After chasing them around the farm a few times, I decided it was time for a new strategy. Three or four failures (and a lot of cursing) later, I think I’ve finally figured out a system that works—three strands of hotwire pulled extremely tight with the electric fence charger set to “blast to the moon.” We’re on a busy road, so keeping the sheep in is a safety issue. (We also don’t want them eating our garden!) Here’s hoping my new system works!

  • The sheep also got their vaccines and the vet castrated our ram lamb this week. We were nervous about the castration because our vet warned us sheep have a reputation for dying under anesthesia. I sat and stroked the little guy as he slowly came out of his slumber, worrying every moment that he’d stop breathing on me. Luckily, everything went okay, and he seems to be recovering nicely.

  • It’s strawberry season! We’ve already brought in a huge haul and more berries are on the way. We’re freezing them and eating them by the fistful, enjoying the literal fruits of our labors.

Here’s What I Loved This Week

RAIN. After a bone-dry month, we finally got a thunderstorm last night. I’d forgotten how good rain smells. Our pastures are grateful—as am I!